ExGo. Go for experience

ExGo is a new project of the Orpheus Group of companies, formed in 1995 in Cyprus, and includes such notable players as the travel agency Orpheus Luxury Travel and Tours and the real estate agency ReLux Estates. The full portfolio of companies can be found on the group’s website www.o-group.com

ExGo is the first Russian-language aggregator of the best entertainment and services in Cyprus. Thanks to our many years of experience in tourism and accompanying VIP clients from Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries, we know where the highest quality and the most interesting offers are. Our partners from completely different fields provide our customers with the best prices and exceptional service. That is why ExGo is an indispensable platform for finding a special experience.

We have prepared 8 categories for you, in which everyone will find something to their liking. You can order an adventure or a service as a gift to your loved ones, or you can choose something for yourself. Our website offers everything from a bouquet of flowers to a private jet flight over the island. And if you have your own idea, which is not reflected on the exgo.com please write to us and we will definitely help you implement it as soon as possible.

Don’t stay at home! Go ahead for fresh emotions!