Short flight


Take a short flight from city to city in real time, or just take control and explore the world. A short flight is a great way to experience flying from city to city and to learn how real pilots do it! You will become familiar with all the basic processes from launch to gate at the destination airport.


Duration: 1 hour

    • Along the way, you will fill out checklists and make public announcements for the crew and passengers as needed. You will be shown how to fly an airplane according to a flight plan using real navigation charts and procedures. Optionally, instead of flying from city to city, you can choose a different short flights from the variety of variants, such as city tours, scenic flights, or several difficult landings!
    • For city-to-city flights, the aircraft will be positioned at the gate next to the active runway and the flight plan will already be programmed into the flight control computer. After a short briefing, you will start the engines and arrive at the runway. After takeoff, you will have the opportunity to practice manual flight and to turn on the autopilot when you want to take a break to enjoy the breathtaking scenery!