Intensive +


What could be better than flying a Boeing 737-800 passenger airliner? The flight simulator is designed so that you will have no doubts that you are flying a real plane! The cockpit has a scale of 1: 1, 98% of the instruments are functional, and the curved video screen of the highest resolution has a view of 230 degrees! Fly through the rain clouds, land the plane with permission from the ATC, and then park it like a real pilot!


The variant of this flight is designed for maximum immersion in piloting and is ideal for serious enthusiasts or groups of people.

Duration: 3 hours

    • Another option is to undertake several different short flights, such as city tours, scenic flights, or several difficult landings. The Intensive Plus option is also ideal for pilots requiring intense training as well as for training large groups of people.
    • Take two short flights, completing all preflight preparations, procedures and checks, and complete the hold and missed departure procedure! You can also fly with Live Air Traffic Control (ATC),to achieve maximum realism!